About Us

Chateau Furniture Sdn. Bhd.

Chateau Furniture

CHATEAU FURNITURE SDN BHD was incorporated on 12 April 2006 and is highly engaged in the furniture retail industry. Chateau provides both ready made & custom made furniture besides interior designing & consultancy.

Backed by our modern and high technological products facilities, highly committed management team, efficient and fast delivery, we are able to meet our customers needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Principles

To meet the challenges from new types of customer in a fast moving and highly competitive market, Chateau has defined the principles to target the customer requirements and satisfaction.

We should always offer customers their desired goods and services which are of high quality and good value.

We should execute with excellence across the enterprise where each individual within our organization should take responsibility for performing every task with excellence.

We should have high sensitivity and awareness towards changes in the market and demand.

We should make the customer as the final arbiter and adapt with their needs and wants. We should commit to leadership in the markets we choose to serve. Chateau will ensure and serve as a quality partner to its value customers by providing the highest quality product with the latest technology. We believe that Chateau is the key to your final quality requirements.